America’s Favorite Cone-Shaped Snacks

Say hello to the snack that needs no introduction… but we’ll give it one anyway! Light, airy and uniquely crunchy, Bugles are the cone-shaped corn snacks that are made to be played with.

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Bugles cone shaped chips with a Bugles logo on a red background
Bugles Original flavor front of pack with a yellow graphic behind the product

Fun That Can’t Be Explained

The ones that started it all the crispy, salty, melt-in-the-mouth goodness of Bugles Original. Since 1964, our crunchy cone-shaped snacks have been sounding the charge that can now be heard all around the world. 

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Bugles Nature Valley Ranch flavor front of pack with a red graphic behind the product

Everything is better with ranch

America’s favorite cone-shaped snack teamed up with America’s favorite ranch flavor to create Hidden Valley Ranch Flavored Bugles. The ultimate sandwich sidekick, game day snack or just-cause-you-feel-like-it treat.

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Bugles Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavor front of pack with a blue graphic behind the product

Sweet & Salty Snack Attack

Two iconic snacks are coming together to create the perfect combination featuring a dusting of Cinnamon Toast Crunch’s iconic Cinnadust for a mix of salty and sweet snacking satisfaction. 

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Bugles Nacho Cheese flavor front of pack with a blue graphic behind the product

Game Day Just Got Cheesy

All the delicious flavors of nacho chips rolled into one. Experience the perfect mix of salty, cheesy and crunchy in a handy, cone-shaped snack. You’re welcome.

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Box Tops for Education

We’re proud to participate in Box Tops for Education, an easy way to earn cash for your child’s school. Simply scan your receipt with the Box Tops app when you buy Bugles and instantly add to your school’s earnings online!  

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